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Plans for you and your family

Medical care costs can quickly drain a family budget. CHA insurance plans are geared toward keeping you healthy! The providers in our network will also work to help you grow healthier.


Plans for your business

Healthy employees help you maintain a healthy bottom line. When you enroll your company with us, we provide you with a workforce health and productivity program– at no additional cost!


Find and Select a doctor in your area

Explore our physician list to find a qualified doctor in your area.


You can make your payment here, mailing to our banking address printed on your invoice, at a payment center, or you can call 800-580-8574 to make a payment. Please be advised that payment centers often require you to bring in your invoice and pay more than a day before the due date. Payments typically take 2 -3 business days to process, so access to initial services may be delayed. You may also set up your account for recurring monthly payments. Read More...

What is CHA?

CHA square imageCommunity Health Alliance is a new and different kind of health insurance company. We are Tennessee’s health insurance CO-OP- the first of our kind and the ONLY Consumer Oriented and Operated Plan (CO-OP) in Tennessee. Read More...

Save on Prescription Benefits

bilde-150x150Community Health Alliance partnered with Catamaran to be your Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM). A PBM processes and pays the prescription drug benefit part of your health insurance. Your health plan helps with costs for prescription drugs. These drugs must be needed for your medical treatment. Read More...

Getting Financial Help

We know you’ve been doing your research and want to know one of the most important decision-making factors. How much will it health insurance cost? Prices will be available October 1. When you enroll for coverage, you may be able to get lower costs on monthly premiums. This depends on your income and family size. Read More...

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